How I’m getting back my drawing skills, and why it’s going to benefit you

I’ve always been OK at drawing. I was good enough to get paid for my skills. I worked for 5 years doing 2D Animation and digital illustrations.


But I never mastered drawing the way I wanted to, and I could see my lack of knowledge in every project I was hired to do.


As long the drawings or animation wasn’t too complicated, I could do it. I’m not saying I wasn’t any good or couldn’t push myself to do more complex work. I just felt I had to put way more effort than I should have for the amount of years of training I had at the time.


I never drew at my full potential. I could draw characters in simple poses, but as soon the poses got more complex, with perspective and foreshortening, I would struggle. If the characters were more realistic, again it would take me forever to draw a simple pose.


Imagine if you didn’t struggle with drawing?