How to quickly improve your work by asking for feedback

When I first started my Animation Course, I was afraid of what other people might say about the things I made. It intimidated me to show my drawings then, and even now I feel awkward about it.

I didn’t know the difference between constructive criticism and someone bashing my work, or comments by people with no artistic background saying stupid stuff.

After a while, I realized feedback and constructive criticism were not what I thought; they are just comments on how to improve my work, which relieved my fears. Because of that realization, when I got my first job, it never bothered me to have my animation or clean-ups scrutinized and commented on.

Also, when you work in a studio, you are part of a team and other people before you have done amazing work already. I found it comforting and inspiring to be in a big group of creative minds.


Last month, I finished my second cartoon. I watched it over and over, and something wasn’t right. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to improve it.

So I did the most uncomfortable thing: I asked for feedback and used it to change my work.


I’ll show you the feedback I got and a comparison between the first and the second versions of the cartoon.

First, I’ll go through all the revisions I made in the cartoon, the reasons behind the changes, and why they work better.