How I’m getting back my drawing skills, and why it’s going to benefit you

I’ve always been OK at drawing. I was good enough to get paid for my skills. I worked for 5 years doing 2D Animation and digital illustrations.


But I never mastered drawing the way I wanted to, and I could see my lack of knowledge in every project I was hired to do.


As long the drawings or animation wasn’t too complicated, I could do it. I’m not saying I wasn’t any good or couldn’t push myself to do more complex work. I just felt I had to put way more effort than I should have for the amount of years of training I had at the time.


I never drew at my full potential. I could draw characters in simple poses, but as soon the poses got more complex, with perspective and foreshortening, I would struggle. If the characters were more realistic, again it would take me forever to draw a simple pose.


Imagine if you didn’t struggle with drawing?


It would not distract you from creating the project you are working on.  You’ll get better over time, but with solid drawing skills, every projects will be way more fun to work on and you’ll improved your creating skills faster.


Now, at this point in my life, I have more knowledge than I can apply to my art. I can’t execute all the knowledge I gathered because I don’t apply it like I would if I was a working animator. To get better, I need to practice.


Practicing by repeating over and over without a specific goal, a context, or understanding why you’re practicing, is a lot of time wasted. It’s better than not drawing, but the progress will be slower.


I can’t always hire a teacher, or take classes. Sometimes, the schedule doesn’t fit with my own or I can’t afford the classes.


I decided to push my drawing skills by creating 2D short animations.  The good news is, I’m going to share everything I learn with you.


DOWNLOAD the free guide “Is my drawing OK?” to find where to focus your next drawing practice.


My goals are:

-To learn all the drawing basics I never mastered.

-To do deliberate practice everyday.

-To create short animations and show the process.

-To document my progress and share everything with you.


Are you in the same situation? What are you struggling with?

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