Dramatically Improve your Drawing Skills as you’re Building your Career


You feel you’re getting good at drawing, but don’t know what to focus on next?
Every time you sit down, you’re intimidated because you feel like you need to make the best thing you’ve ever made?


When you look at other artists, you only see people you’re up against, like it’s a competition. All this might make you feel like giving up.


You love to draw. You know you can get better and you have the strength to keep going. It’s inspiring to hear and see other people overcome the same difficulties you have, because it makes you realize that…

…you can do it too!

Hey, I totally get where you are coming from. I was working in studios next to awesome artists and I felt they were much better than me. Then, came a good creative job that didn’t require any drawings. I lost some of my drawing skills. I decided to create this website to take my education in my own hands.


That’s why I’m here.


I’m Kristel Mallet, I love to draw. I will push my drawing skills, create animation from scratch, share my progress, and teach you all the knowledge I learn along the way. I will document everything, and maybe you can pick up a few things along the way.


When I grow up, I want to be a comic book artist!” That was my first career choice when I was around 12. It was logical for me to choose a job I would like doing, since I was told adults were expected to work all their lives. I knew I wanted to draw for a living. I’ve always been surrounded with art, art supplies and tools, as my mother is an art teacher. As I grew up, I saw thousands of students homework and projects.


Then I was told that artist don’t make money. I should study to get a real job. I went to University and College studying in sciences.


After years of cramming for exams and writing scientific reports, I switched and studied 2D Animation. I worked for 5 years in animation studios that produced cartoons for TV, music videos and movies. Then I moved away in a bigger city and got a job in an advertising department. There was no drawing involved at all. I was hired for my knowledge of a software. Later, I started doing video editing and I felt I was a bit closer to animation. I was making little movies.


During that time, I was only drawing for myself, sketching in my daily subway rides. I also took life drawing classes, and would draw in cafés. My skills were not as good as they used to be. I would just maintain them and was not progressing. I wasn’t making any finished pieces, either animated or illustrated.


In this blog, I’ll share my progress as an artist. My goal is to inspire you to start drawing. To prove that you can learn drawing, make progress, and work toward making a living using those skills.

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